Corporate Profile

Tsodilo Resources Limited ("Tsodilo") is an exploration stage company which is engaged principally in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties in the Republic of Botswana. The Company is considered to be in the exploration and development stage given that none of its properties are in production and, to date, has not earned any significant revenues. The recoverability of amounts shown for exploration and evaluation assets is dependent on the existence of economically recoverable reserves, the renewal of exploration licenses, obtaining the necessary permits to operate a mine, obtaining the financing to complete exploration and development, and future profitable production.

Tsodilo currently exists under the Business Corporations Act of Yukon and its common shares are listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol TSD.  
Tsodilo Resources Limited
1 King Street West, Suite 4800
Toronto, ON Canada M5H 1A1
Telephone: (416) 800-4214
Fax: (416) 987-4369