Holdings of Insiders & Significant Shareholders

Insider Holdings
(Directors, Officers, Employees and Holders of 5% or more of common shares)
InsiderCommon SharesOptionsWarrants
James M. Bruchs2,888,119662,500-
Thomas S. Bruington70,000300,000-
David J. Cushing4,738,568--
Jonathan R. Kelafant415,000400,000127,260
Blackie Marole-500,000-
Mark Scowcroft670,500287,50023,992
Gary A. Bojes150,000525,000-
Employees (Miscellaneous)156,250150,000-
Azur LLC4,954,145--
Lucara Diamond Corp. 4,476,773--
First Quantum Minerals 2,272,727--
Karsten Busche 3,785,625-1,045,425
Tsodilo Resources Limited
1 King Street West, Suite 4800
Toronto, ON Canada M5H 1A1
Telephone: (416) 800-4214
Fax: (416) 987-4369