Health, Safety, Environment & Community (HSEC) Policies

At Tsodilo safety is a priority and the Company believes there is a clear relationship between safe and healthy workplaces and satisfactory production results. Line managers are held accountable for their safety performance and management at each site is supported by trained safety staff. All employees are expected to be engaged in maintaining safe work sites through involvement in health and safety committee meetings and through conducting safety inspections. They are given safety training at commencement of employment and regularly throughout their career with the Company.

Tsodilo recognizes that its operations can have significant environmental impacts on local communities throughout the life cycle of our mining operations. Some of these impacts include land use changes, environmental degradation, and population influx, offset by increased economic opportunities and development in the areas of infrastructure, health, education, and micro-enterprise. This includes use of baseline assessment tools and conducting environmental impact assessments; evaluating how to avoid, mitigate or control potentially significant impacts; implementing appropriate monitoring and management systems; and addressing the need for mine closure.

Tsodilo aims to create sustainable value in host communities and countries in which we operate. Our operations contribute to the social and economic development and wealth of host communities through a number of channels:
  • Wages and salaries paid to employees and contractors
  • Taxes, royalties, and fees
  • Procurement of goods and services

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