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July 19, 2002
Tsodilo Resources Limited Resumes Trading
TORONTO, CANADA - Tsodilo Resources Limited ("Tsodilo"), formerly Trans Hex International Ltd., (TSX Venture Exchange: (TSD)) announced today that its common shares have resumed trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") under the symbol TSD. The common shares were halted for trading by the Exchange on June 19, 2002 in order to resolve issues arising from the inadvertent and unintentional omission by its President and CEO, James M. Bruchs, of a matter which arose sixteen (16) years ago, from his personal information form ("PIF") which he filed with the Exchange.

The Exchange determined that a Letter of Reprimand be issued to Mr. Bruchs for his failure to submit a materially complete PIF. Under the terms of the Letter of Reprimand issued by the Exchange to Mr. Bruchs, Mr. Bruchs shall remain an officer of Tsodilo subject to certain conditions and undertakings. The Exchange's reprimand in no way hinders Tsodilo's management or operations and was not directed at Tsodilo. A copy of the reprimand can be obtained by request at

Tsodilo Resources is an international diamond exploration company engaged in the search for economic kimberlites at its Ngamiland project in Northwest Botswana. A detailed report providing background information on the property and the work done to date is available on the Corporation's website.


James M. Bruchs -- President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Andrew E. Moore -- Vice President, Exploration

Stephen Woodhead -- Chief Financial Officer

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